Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One Year Ago

Its a few weeks late but we celebrated our first wedding anniversary on the 13th of November. It has been such an amazing year where we have both learnt a lot about ourselves, each other and how to work in an eternal relationship. We also thought up some of our favourite thinks from the last year.. In one year we have....
  1. Started to save for a house
  2. Finished another year of uni
  3. Have yet to take a sick day at work
  4. Tried over 100 recipes
  5. Run around Lake Taupo
  6. Got dressed up in our wedding gears again for another photo shoot almost 10 months after our wedding
  7. Goodbyes to parents and hello to a new nephew!
  8. And booked and all paid for a trip to the states in April of 2012
Yup its been an amazing year! We leave you with some photos. Something that we are going to do every year. When Pauly really tried to lose weight he gave up all junk food. He lives a Monday to Friday no junk food life style and allows himself a few luxury’s in the weekend. One thing he doesn’t not eat though is Fast food!! His favourite thing in the whole wide world is a McDonalds cheeseburger!! He allows himself two cheeseburgers a year. One after the Lake Taupo Run in Feb and another in November on our wedding anniversary. This is because on our wedding day we had cheeseburgers on the main table!! It may sound weird but that is just how we do!!

Do you have any anniversary traditions?

What a win!!!... oh and a birthday too!

Well the world cup came and what an event it was. The country really got behind it and really showed off what an amazing country we have. Pauly and the boys were too poor to afford All Blacks tickets so they took off to Rotorua to watch Samoa Vs Namibia. Obviously its not the most impressive game to go and watch but he can say he has now been to a world cup match. The final was crazy but the country was finally able to let go of all the pain and agony from the last 24 years as Captain Richie McCaw lifted the Web Ellis Trophy. Pauly got so nervous during the last 8 minutes of the came... he went outside for sprints. Shout out to Roon and Eth for decorating the lounge... it was blacked out!!

Also Kita celebrated her 23 Birthday with all her friends and family. We were even able to watch a highly entertain video of a family trip to Australia... Hahaha. Check out the amazing cake Lian made!

What has been your favourite birthday cake?? and also.. When have been most proud of your nation??

Where to start??

We are going to go against everything we have been taught about the blogging world and do a couple posts in the same day. The reason we haven’t been blogging as much is because Pauly told himself no blogging while exams were on. Two months and two passed exams later and blogging is back on the agenda. Where to begin is the question though.
Our friends Mandi and Tala tied the knot!! It was a beautiful wedding with a lot of laughs and good entertainment. Here are a few photos from their special day.. One thing that we always do at weddings is compare our wedding to what others do. I’m sure everyone is the same. Obviously no one can compare to the food Lian provided for ours! That’s our first comparison... Kita also loves to think of the venue and how nothing can beat that!

Question for the post is... (if your married) what is unbeatable about your wedding day??

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Good Effort Lads

Last Saturday Pauly took his Young Mens to Whangamata for the Fun Run. Running is one of Pauly’s hobbies now. He’s been running almost every day since mid 2008. Last year he did the 21km run but this year he wanted to run with his boys so he ran the 10 km with them. It was an early start with a 5 am wake up. All the boys were loaded up with bananas before the run after after a last minute pee everyone was off. The first one is was Pauly in 53 minutes and all the boys followed after every 5 minutes or so. Everyone was really happy that everyone finished within 1 hr 30 mins. Kita and Crystal also helped out with preparing the lunches for the boys the day before so clap clap for them.

The Question is now... Who is down for this next year?? And what is one of your hobbies that others would most likely dread or hate?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lights, Camera and Fashion

Nakita had an absolute blast last night at the Annah Stretton show for NZFW.
She went up to Auckland with a group from work to support her boss and see the brand new Viaduct Events Centre.
The show was superb – a tremendous effort from all the design team (Nakita’s now coveting a powder blue baby doll dress from the collection). After the show the group headed over to the Britomart Country Club for nibbles, drinks and lots of smoosing. Although they didn’t get home till midnight it was a great night and well worth the trip.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Diets on hold... Its Birthday Time

The birthday of Pauly came and left in such a hurry! What a wonderful day it was though. We both took the day off…Kita with work and Pauly with university. We both thought we deserved it too!

The day began with a much needed sleep in! 730 am wake ups were definitely not on the agenda for wonderful day of activities. We left mid morning-ish for Kita’s surprise outing in raglan. It’s strange to think that at the start of the week we had snow in Hamilton and by the end of the week the weather was deemed suitable for the beach. We had lunch at a place Kita has always wanted to go to and it was delicious. Lunch was topped off with a nice walk around raglan... to work off the fatty food. Even on his birthday he couldn’t give into the idea of not burning off fatty food.

Celebrations continued as we had a family (and friends) feed at the Warwick’s home. Ours simply would not fit over 7 people and because Pauly is so popular we had to find a bigger place haha. It was an awesome night with a lot of food, games and laughs. Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who helped out in any way. It was also good to get a phone call from both mum and dad.

One of the many things that kept a smile on Paulys dial was that the tradition was kept alive. Since he was about 13 years old  he has had a white cake with blue icing and m&ms. Even though mum wasn’t there, she provided the mix and Lian produced a monster of a cake.

It truly was an amazing day!

Questions - What is your most memorable Birthday? And do you have any traditions?

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wax on, Wax off!

We have been in the ward for almost 10 months but Friday night was our first actual evening activity with the Hamilton East Ward. The ward isnt slack.. we just have had something on every other time they have an activity. It was an international dinner and what a night! Every family was split up into different continents and were then assigned a different meal. Luckily We were assigned Pizza.. which we are getting quite good at. We stuck around the Europe and Asia sections as the US was only hot dogs, Africa looked dodgy and the Pacific Islands wasKFC and taro (which are not acceptable foods) Haha.
The evening was finished off with a variety show from the different auxiliary groups. Because we are both in the Youth Program we participate in their dance. For the past month the youth of the ward have been practising a dance to Kung Fu fighting choreographed by yours truly. Pretty good for our first ever time at making up a dance. It was very basic but really fun.

The Youth.. Look at Kitas leg.. strange!!

Simon, Pauly and Mandi!
Question.. What is your most memorable moment from a church activity? Be it a dance, feed or outing.